Under Armour Debuts Face Mask for Athletes, Sold Out in Less than an Hour

Under Armour has released its “Sportsmask,” a face mask marketed toward athletes to help protect from the spread of the coronavirus.

It sold out in less than an hour, according to a tweet from CEO Patrik Frisk.
If you missed out on the initial sale, you’re not totally out of luck. Under Armour has the mask available for preorder on its website and is expected to ship out on or by Aug. 17. Frisk said in his tweet more would be available in July.

The $30 masks are intended to be more comfortable and breathable than a typical face covering.

The Sportsmask launch comes as gyms start to reopen across the country, making people question if they should wear material that covers their nose and mouth when they want to breathe heavily.

Under Armour’s face mask is made with three layers, matching current recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The product includes a moldable nose-bridge and air pockets to provide structure aim to make the mask more breathable, while the anti-microbial substance PROTX2 inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents the spread of COVID-19.

While the product is “intended for daily wear & use in sports by healthy individuals,” Under Armour does note that the mask is a “non-medical & non-surgical mask, does not protect against viruses,” in the product description.


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