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The world of fitness and wellness have always thrived on a system of do more, be more, push yourself to train harder. But what happens when that becomes too much? When you feel you’ve been used, abused and taken advantage of  just to get ahead and grow your business?

That is why reFRAME Your Mind and Body was created. To cut through the bullshit of branding and help women in fitness grow their business in a safe and supported way!

Two women, one purpose… that is the motto Jill Bunny and Kristen Crowley thrive on. With a combined 40 years of experience in business these two forces came together and it was meant to be. Starting with high end photography branding retreats, reFRAME has grown and pivoted quickly to adapt with COVID-19. We shifted everything to an online platform for 2020. Full branding courses to help build your foundation and grow without wasting thousands of dollars on coaches and programs that underdeliver. In order to succeed, the foundation has to be there, otherwise every floor you stack on top of that weak foundation is at risk of crumbling.


Jill Bunny is the creator of CBT Meets Fitness, the first Cognitive Behavioral Training course dedicated to fitness professionals.  She boasts a fifteen year career in the fitness industry, holding 4 coveted IFBB Bikini Champion titles. Jill has graced the covers of FIVE fitness magazines. That all changed when she was diagnosed with MS and then shortly after, cancer. She is a wellness warrior who refuses to give up. Coined the first CBT-Fitness expert, Jill’s passion is to provide the mental health education and support fitness professionals need, in order to thrive in their own personal brand/business.

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Kristen Crowley is a woman on a mission to create awareness and connection through wellness. After 12 years as a TV News Anchor, her health began to slide and exhaustion set in. Lifting weights and eating correctly were just not enough. The schedule of live television, having two children and sleeping an average of 4 hours a night for over a decade finally took its toll. Kristen fell back in love with fitness after her second high risk pregnancy and recently left her TV career to help other women grow and discover the life they deserve to live in balance with their careers! She created WELLFITsocial, a local networking event for wellness. Runs KC Media,  helping others PR their PR to gain media exposure and co-founded reFRAME Your Mind and Body.

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The goal with reFRAME was to fill in the gaps in the industry from point A to point B. To help women understand what they really need to build a brand or business online. We created five levels to our coaching that allows women to step into our programs wherever they are in their journey. Once you have everything in place our high end photography retreats are just the icing on the cake! We work with some of the best published fitness photographers in the world to give women the opportunity to then go from point B to point C and land those publications, launch those amazing programs and fine tune their branding.

We are so excited to help women learn what NOT to do and avoid wasting thousands of dollars on programs and coaching that is nothing more than a printed piece of paper with no plan, Shared by Kristen and Jill with Fitnglam Editorial Team.

You need a plan in business to succeed and reFRAME does that!

The fitness world is evolving, the messages are changing and those messages are stronger than ever before! The key to living a healthy life is focusing on your mental health as much as your physical health! It’s time to give those women a voice too!

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