Secrets To A Healthy and Heavy Beard Revealed.

Peer pressure is a serious thing! And it will continue to haunt us all Millenials till there’s a moon up there, till there’s doubt whether a chicken came first or the egg, till all our dads and uncles do oooooouuuummmmmmmm instead of burp, till our moms accuse us, our sleep and our cellphone usage for causing global warming, for her dinner getting burned, for her mascara not sitting perfect and if all this was less, our cellphone usage is probably the only thing according to her that has caused this entire pandemic!!

Please, mom! You need to breathe! (Meanwhile, a flying chappal was received! Slaaaapppp!)

So yea, Peer pressure!

Peer pressure for us to binge-watch money heist, game of thrones, sacred games! or else we won’t be considered a living entity.

For the ladies to wither in pain throughout the day and struggle with their six inches high heels because hey! Fashion is a priority nowadays and not comfort!

For us men to develop six-pack abs because hey! six-pack abs! (do I really need to say more?)

And the one that we all men are experiencing since last 4-5 years as a growing trend (and will probably be a trend for years to come),

Is to have…..(drum rolls)…… A well-grown Beard!

From the boys in college to the men in a corporate environment, from all the biker dudes to all the photographers, from all the freaky travelers to all the silent readers…We all agree that it makes you look mature (LOL.. my mental health going for a toss here!), Sophisticatedly Edgy, adds a subtle level of fascinating curiosity to your personality… and the last and definitely not the least! (Drum rolls please!)


True thing. Hands down to those who have these amazingly great beards!
Ever wonder how all these men look so crisp with all their beards? Be it on their social media handles, on their live gigs, while just walking around and folding the sleeves of their shirt..(I know right!)

You might have definitely thought and underrated their efforts behind growing and maintaining a good beard by just saying,
“He’s got it through his dad! it’s hereditary! The genes are playing the part!”

Oh hello, wait, what! EXCUSE ME!!… You just can’t say that!

And if you have ever said that..well (Guilty alert!)…welcome to my side of the world.

Yes! Even I was from those who used to think that having a beard is all because of genes.
Until I found myself a good beard care routine.
And trust me, understanding the right products for your beard, has done wonders for me!

And here I am, sitting and sharing all these self tried and tested products that have done the magic for me, while this lady across my desk is giving me looks and finding my beard sexy! (Oh please stop it Karen! take out that damn pencil from your mouth!)

Before going directly to the products I would like you guys to understand what exactly a good beard routine is all about, for you to know how and for what are we aligning the routine accordingly.

To make it (kindergarten-percentile) simpler I’ve sorted the routine in the following manner:

1) Cleaning

2) Nourishing

3) Maintenance

4) Styling

You might find variations with all the beard care routines that people follow, and I absolutely can’t deny their take over it.
However, with almost 2 years into beard care and working on my beard I can say that this is a routine that most of them follow and can relate with. Even here, I’ve known that, consistency is the key. You really have to be consistent with your beard care routine to observe great results.

Now let’s understand how all these layers of the routine work.

1) Cleaning:

The very first step that leads to a healthy beard is cleaning it thoroughly. With a really hectic and sweaty travel lifestyle that we live on a daily basis, it’s a strong possibility for the dust particles, pollutants, smoke, etc to clog your skin pores, restricting it to secrete its natural oils. These pores must always be clean. For you beard, specifically at the roots, we have to make sure that the PH level of the skin is maintained (Oooh! Science stuff. Fascinating!), so that it’s not only clean but healthy as well. Hence getting a good beard wash that is not harsh on your skin is really important.

What to use: Greeko Man’s Beard and face wash is the best I’ve come across.

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It is not only Soap free but is also 0% parabens, SLS & Dioxane (Too much science stuff eh!! Again, kindergarten level simple, Well these are certain elements that might have a bad effect on your skin. OHH! YOU’RE WELCOME!)
Not just that, This Greeko Man’s Beard and face wash, as the name suggests, is not only good for your beard but also leads to healthy skin. Enriched with Olive, Aloe vera, and Protein vitamin B5, it helps in gentle cleaning resulting in hydrated skin.

What I do:

(Round 1 cleaning) – As I generally leave for work quite immediately after a bath. So for the time being the beard is clean. As soon as I reach work, I wash my beard with the beard wash. This promises me a clean beard for the next 9 hours. No direct exposure to dirt. (Smart eh! Thanks!)

(Round 2 cleaning) – Just before heading to bed, I wash the beard with beard wash and then apply the beard oil (more on this in the next step)


Once the beard is clean it’s time to enrich it with essential oils. I mostly look for a beard oil that has the following components:

Vitamin E, Almond oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Aloe vera extracts, or plain aloe vera. All these have been scientifically proven (oooh, assurance with big words. Nice!) to have great effects on hair and beard growth.

Hence try to go for a beard oil that has a minimum of 2 of these components.

What to use: Beardo’s Godfather Beard oil [Lite], has to has to be my favorite.

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It’s not just enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe vera but also has Almond oil, Olive oil, and mineral oil (Damn Yay! Jackpot!!)

For me, Beardo stands as the most trusted brand for beard nutrition. And it has never failed to live up to my expectations. Nourishment, is not meant more for the length of the beard however it’s more for the roots of it.
The better you nourish your roots, the better the results are seen.

What I do : Right after my round 2 of cleaning (Yes you all guessed it right. The one before heading to sleep. Oh you guys are getting pro at it!), I take some 5-6 drops (Yes that’s enough, trust me, I swear on my toenail!) of the beard oil in my palm and then I dip the tip of my fingers in it, I massage it gently on my beard making sure I reach the roots. I initially used to rub the oil between my palms and then apply it over the beard, and because of this the oil could hardly get to the roots. Hence I started using the fingertips and it really turned out to be very effective. (See, PRO!)

3) Maintenance:

So this is where we have to work on the length and volume of the beard. As we are working on its healthy growth, you may have a growth that looks non-uniform across your face (And there is nothing to be ashamed of or hide in the corner and cry! You have my prayers mate). And this pretty much gives your face a sloppy and tired look. Hence it’s recommended to trim off the edges regularly to match the uniformity of the beard.

What to use: Philips Series 3000 9-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit. (Did I just read 9-in-1? like really? Oh yes! You did. Amazing self-realization techniques there).

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This stunning trimmer has 9 clips in it and perfectly becomes your companion in your beard growth journey. Right from the time you have subtle or a completely clean shaved face to the mighty beard that you have grown. Different clips for different lengths of your beard. Hence the reason, you won’t have to keep switching or buying a new trimmer. (See, I’m so concerned about you and your money. I deserve a noble award for kindness!)

What I do : I generally trim my beard every 7 days so that it stays in good shape throughout the week. After every 3 weeks I visit a salon and get the edges of my beard done.
Also, when it comes to brushing your subtle beard, a pocket comb is perfect and a must carry essential. However when it is pretty much grown, I use a paddle brush or a round brush. While brushing I make sure that I do it in both, upward and downward direction so that it is untangled properly. However the final some strokes are in the downward direction. This is where you’ll see the increase in the volume of your beard. (And this is how I’m confirming my nomination for that noble prize)

4) Styling.

This is where you go from all messy to all sexy!
Once you start noticing the volume it becomes necessary to maintain the proper shape of your beard. And styling it with a good beard wax is a must.

What to use: Beardo’s Mustache & Beard wax [Extra strong], undoubtedly stands the best for me.

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It comes with coconut oil and hydrogenated castor oil, which are really good for your hair growth. So even if at times I happen to go a little extra on the wax, there is no damage to its quality.
Every time I go out partying or attend a function or even on a day where I have to look crisp for a meeting (Geez! Karen please stop! You’re making me uncomfortable now) I make sure I have it styled with the wax. It has helped me maintain a hard and crisp beard for more than 10 hours in a day! Yes it’s that effective.

What I do: I take half of the size of a pea amount of wax and then rubbing it on my palm I pat my beard. I never go all heavy with the wax (And some guys I’ve seen, they just go like! “It’s time for war!!!”. And I’m like, Bruh! You’re Jonathan and not Leonidas. This is your beard and not the 300 movie!). You have to be very subtle with the amount of the wax you use. But every time you use your wax, make sure that at the end of the day you strictly follow the cleaning routine.

So quickly to summarize,

Cleaning (daily) – (round 1) After reaching work / college.

Styling (Occasionally) – after round 1.

Maintenance (Trimming) – After every 7 days

(Salon visit) – After every 3 weeks

Cleaning (daily) – (round 2) Before going to bed or right after coming home.

Nourishing (Daily) – After round 2 of cleaning.

I really hope this piece not only helps you finalize your beard routine but also to understand how your beard can have clean and healthy growth.
(And with this I confirm my spot for the noble prize. Winning speech in my next blog!)

Happy Grooming to ya’ll!

Editorial By : Jay Upadhyay

Jay Upadhyay is a budding new face in the world of modeling and is all set to make it big. He is big time into men’s fashion and lifestyle blogging and takes it to his instagram to share latest fashion and grooming trends. There’s a technical side behind this charming face that has a tag of software engineer to it which has served one of the biggest clients in the technical world, Microsoft. He enjoys writing and finds it as one of his strengths, with two writing projects in hand he’s already on his way to become a published writer.

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