Save The Beer ! An initiative to save the Czech Breweries

Czechs are among the world’s biggest beer drinkers and a call has gone out for them to step up amid the coronavirus crisis.

Hundreds of the country’s microbreweries face a bleak future after a nationwide shutdown of bars and restaurants began in mid-March. At the moment, there are 1,306,833 half-liter glasses of craft beer sitting in tanks.

“Thousands of beers are waiting to be rescued. Brewed, fresh and unpasteurized beer is perishable.

It has deprived the craft brewers of customers, starved them of revenue and left them with a stock of soon-to-expire beer.

Report by Bloomberg

The Moritz Inn, based in the east of the country, is one of almost 170 microbreweries that have signed up to ZachranPivo, or “Save The Beer,” a recently-launched initiative that allows small brewers to sell their surplus stock before it spoils.
A user-friendly website helps customers locate their nearest brewery, and make an online order for collection.

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