Sandeep Dhiman, Head Coach & Founder of TransformX decodes new fitness mantra

In his opening statement, Sandeep mentioned that the journey for his own transformation started when he was super slim & struggled to find a single fitness equipment due to lack of gym/fitness centre within 50kms area of his home in Sihunta, a small village in Himachal Pradesh.

As a young lanky fellow with people around him not actually were clear & making fun about the transformation he was working towards. Later with visible results the same people have actually started approaching him for fitness tips. This phase for him guiding his peers & friends offline continued until 2017, when TransformX was formed and Sandeep became more approachable for larger audience. 

Sandeep believes in 100% nutrition & 100% exercise as his fitness mantra, there is no way in between. As the head trainer of his company, TransformX, he aces the space of Weight Training, Nutrition Advice and Planning. 

Something that started as a lifestyle change is now a passion for Sandeep as he’s now an ISSA certified nutritionist which is a testament to his passion for fitness & wanting to contribute to change the lives of people. He feels, that nothing can give you more satisfaction than someone telling you that you changed their lives for good and made them a healthier and a fitter person and that is something for which he strives everyday. 

He is a firm believer of the fact that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fitness & nutrition needs and hence he relentlessly tries to offer personalized solutions to his clients.An undying passion for health & fitness ensures that Sandeep is abreast with all the changing dynamics and trends of the industry. 

Being the Founder & Head Coach at he develops fitness & diet plans based on client’s needs & schedule & trains them virtually as well as in person. One can also get a free BMI/BMR and know about their current health status on the TransformX website. 

As a health coach Sandeep has also worked with the popular fitness oriented company endorsed by Superstar Akshay Kumar, GOQii. His fitness videos have been featured on Fit Tak (A digital arm of India Today, Aaj Tak Group), Care World TV, Fit Vit TV & many more. 

In his experience of over a decade, he is also the Celebrity Fitness Trainer for Mr.Dinesh Mohan, the renowned Actor & Model working tremendously in the Bollywood Industry who is often seen praising Sandeep for helping him achieve his fitness goals. In addition, Sandeep has also transformed over 100+ individuals under his Personal Training services with this number increasing with every passing day. In addition to that with things going digital massively, he has trained for about 5 Lakh  individuals under his online sessions who join in from all around the globe. He has also trained several corporate employees under his corporate fitness training programme and shares weekly tips to stay healthy through his YouTube channel ‘TransformX


Sandeep also believes that staying fit is not dependent only on gym. Fitness can be adapted & you can transform yourself with consistency by following your favourite activity level and balanced nutrition plan. To give a testimony for the same, Sandeep explains that while the gyms continued to be closed during lockdown, his clients kept working out with him in online sessions and none of their fitness levels dropped. 

Sandeep mentions that TransformX’s mission is to introduce positive nutrition practices through research, evidence-based programming and ensuring that they cater to individuals with customized transformation plans backed not just by right nutrition intake but the right exercise routine that suits their lifestyles.

Sandeep also mentions that his ultimate vision is that he & his company aim to transform individuals with good physical and emotional health, including optimal nutritional health and help with their overall wellness while they accomplish their fitness goals.

All the fitness enthusiasts can follow Sandeep on his Instagram handle – sandeep_health_coach


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