Samantha Sepulveda (NewYork’s hottest Cop, Global fashion and fitness influencer)

  1. I wake up around 5am on work days but that’s only if I actually get to bed.  They say if you can’t sleep it’s because someone is thinking about you, so maybe I should be honored.  
  2. My morning routine entails a nice cappuccino and then I jump right into the day.  I’m not a huge fan of routines so I always switch it up as my schedule is so unpredictable.
  3. On a typical day I eat a salad. I know it sounds boring but my body actually craves salads and green juices.  Not to mention my body also craves desserts 🙂
  4. When I’m stressed , I run, write, self-soothe.  I actually love this question because I think most people should find their own way to de-stress.  I pop in my headphones, I set up my playlist and run at a leisurely pace where I can think and cry and scream if I want to.  I’ve also learned to write.  Instead of telling a friend my tale of woes I write it down in a journal, it’s a nice way to collect your thoughts.   And self-soothing is having positive inner self talk. 
  5. If you looked at my desktop, you would find nothing but flight receipts, haha.  I use my cell phone for everything else.
  6. My first infatuation besides desserts was the idea of being a Boss Lady.
  7. My favourite healthy snack is a nice cold pressed juice (I’m always on the run)
  8. My favourite fragrance Lancome La Vie Est Belle…go smell it, it’s amazing
  9. The best beauty tip I picked up is lipstick can double as blush if you don’t have any on hand.
  10. If my days had one extra hour , I would do more yoga and meditation
  11. One thing I always travel with is a book.  They say people that read get to live several life times in one.
  12. My fitness routine is usually some cardio whether it’s a run or stairs then some weights to target my arms and legs
  13. The last thing I googled was a new restaurant as I’m highly obsessed with food!
  14. Best shopping place is a local boutique shop.  I find some items that aren’t mainstream.  And then of course 5th Ave NYC.
  15. Most memorable runway/ modeling moment was my first runway show where I wore a thong one piece bathing suit and didn’t realize it til I saw the video days later.  Also walking in Couture Fashion Week for NYFW closing the show in a wedding gown.

  1. My beauty essentials include nothing but some lotion, if I have time. 
  2. My Guilty pleasure is sitting on my couch with a warm chocolate lava cake, vanilla ice cream watching the Real Housewives
  3. My biggest style regret is none! Style is meant to be explored and expressed
  4. You’d never catch me wearing bell buttoms again, I look like an umpa-lumpa
  5. The most treasured item in my closet is my rough diamond Chanel silk band watch.  They only made a handful of them and I’m the proud owner of one.  
  6. The biggest gift I have ever received a car, from my ex-fiance.
  7. On a typical Saturday night , I will be out to dinner with my girlfriends talking about anything and everything.
  8. If you looked into my fridge, you’d find a lot of fruits, veggies and Kombucha.
  9. When it comes to dealing with insecurities I try to keep that to myself.  I was once told, “never let them see you sweat” but if asked I’d be honest about all of them.
  10. Being a cop, it would be difficult to keep balance with work and modeling, how you manage that?  To say it has been easy would be a lie.  I adopt the belief of being present.  When I have on my police uniform I am a police officer.  I tend to my assignments and I protect my community.  When I am a model I act professional and produce the best photos that I can.  When I’m acting as a role model, I make sure to act responsible and donate my time to the community and youth.  I am able to work full time and still model and travel and maintain healthy friendships but something has to give, so my love life hasn’t been my top priority.
  11. A few things I wish people knew about me is that I’m so much more than just a model or a cop.  I don’t always wear bikinis and lingerie.  I quite love fashion and layering my outfits.  I am obsessed with quantum physics and I look forward to winters so I can snowboard.  And…I don’t have a “sugar daddy” who pays for my things, I work so hard to do that myself.
  12. One compliment which you can never forget when anyone at all calls me beautiful.  It means the world when anyone takes the time to compliment me.
  13. Message for our readers?  The one thing I always tell people is to be kind to one another.  You never know what demons other people are battling and what a wonderul affect you can have on them just by being kind.  I want to thank all of you for taking the time to get to know me and I would love to hear from you!


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