Exclusive Interview : Prashantt Guptha, Actor, Global Indian & Inspiration.

Chit- a- chat with Versatile actor, Global Indian, charismatic personality & an inspiration to many…

Prashantt Guptha. Earn huge accolades for roles in Neerja, THE TASHKENT FILES in Bollywood. Exceptional work in A NEW CHRISTMAS released in 2019.

Interviewed by : Sanjeev Jain, Editor In chief, Fitnglam Magazine



1. When did you first step up into the field of acting ?
Acting began for me in two phases. The natural and gradual. Growing up in New York, I would take up any opportunity to perform in school plays, and within the Indian community, to perform at cultural functions. These two activities gave birth to a performer in me, and drew me closer to the appreciation and applause from audiences. I suppose going through all this for about the first 18 years of my life made me dream of what it would be like to actually become an actor. Starstruck, I always was. Loved the movies, especially the Bollywood ones. So once I had family approval to pursue acting and a strong enough desire to take the plunge, I enrolled in acting school post High School and that’s where that journey began.
2. Who is your role model ?
Role Model is a very vague term. As a family man, I desire to be the best blend of my father’s and mother’s best qualities. As an actor, I idolize so many in Hollywood and India, the list would be too long to mention. Especially at my age and level now, although I can never deny and wouldn’t want to, that my sole greatest inspiration towards becoming an actor has been Amitabh Bachchan. Beyond that, I look at personalities like Oprah Winfrey and say, “wow, here is someone who is so complete in how I’d love to see my career.” An author, influencer, actor, producer, media personality and such a great motivator and inspiration.
3. What are the sources of your entertainment ?
Books, Music, Movies, Friends and Family. Simple. You got these, plus good health and an adequate flow of funds, you’re blessed beyond measure. But I suppose what keeps me most entertained (and engrossed), is my purpose in life. To become an actor of global reckon and create great works of writing and tell some amazing stories as a producer.
4. Which is your personal favourite performance?
My personal favourite performance thus far has been in an English movie I did called A NEW CHRISTMAS, which will release globally in 2020 (possible year end), and a Hindi film called LOVE YOU BAHUT SAARA which has yet to release. I would also mention that years ago I did a movie called IDENTITY CARD in Kashmir in which my performance was extremely appreciated and ditto for my roles in NEERJA and THE TASHKENT FILES.
5. Which dream role you want to play ?
I don’t have a dream role, in particular. My greatest seeking as an actor is to go from film to film playing a role vastly different from  what I have previously played. Furthermore, I desire to position my career in a way where I’m floating from American productions and Indian productions with equal grace and acceptance, across audiences, industries and media.
6. What’s your favourite hollywood character ?
Michael Corleone from THE GODFATHER.
7. What is your advice to fellow artists & personalities at the time of COVID 19 pandemic ?
Meditate. Pray. Watch all the great films and shows you can, read all the great articles and books on your craft, learn new skills that’ll serve useful in years to come and, figure additional means of survival with the times to comes.
8. How do you see world evolve especially film & entertainment industry post COVID 19 ?
Foremost, budgets and cast/crew will be reduced. Also, OTT streams will rule the roost of revenue stream and viewerships. Most certainly, digital technology that allows for as much content to be made from private zones and then assembled together elsewhere, will become a necessary and useful technique. Beyond that, life and all things surrounding cinema and showbiz will gradually come to normalcy once cures and vaccines are in place, and the overall fear of Covid-19 becomes drastically less.
9. There are voices coming out that web series & web related media will take over drastically in next couple of years. What’s your outlook ?
I agree. It seemed inevitable even before the lockdown, but now it’ll just speed up.
10. Globally entertainment industry got big jolt with Pandemic COVID 19, being a Actor how do you see yourself.Do you see big sharks will takeover fishes in coming months ?
Big sharks will remain strong, especially those with hefty cash reserves to stay afloat, sanction new productions and keep media on a payroll. But in many other ways, this pandemic has been a great equalizer in terms of the fact that EVERYONE was brought to a standstill. Budget constraints will pave the way for more ‘small fishes’ to volumize on opportunities. I for one will keep performing, strategizing, learning, networking, and working. I know it.
12. Any message to our readers ?
Stay FIT, it’ll always make you look GLAM. Pray for the World. Take more care of yourself than ever before.
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