Nancy Peixoto : Hottest Dentist from Brazil

1. I wake up around 6:30 a.m. every week.

2. My morning routine is the same every week I start my day doing 20 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of reading my book after my breakfast I get ready to go to the gym. I study English in the early morning until 2p.m. With keeps me very busy in the morning.

3. On a typical day I eat very healthy. I love to cook, I always prepare my meals usually with protein, salad, vegetables ( I don’t eat a lot of carbohydrates. I like avocado a lot and I exchange carbs for natural fats to give me energy), I drink a lot of water and love tea (green tea or white tea). Besides I am lucky I don’t like sweets. So my diet is easy for me. My lifestyle has always been healthy, my family has always taken care that this is important for my life and health.

4. When I’m stressed I think of good things, like my life is blessed and happy. I am very grateful to everything so I don’t usually get stressed I learned to control my mind with meditation and positives affirmations. I work out for 15 years, it helped me to relieve stress too.

5. If you looked at my desktop I would find good things, I am honored with my work, whether in the area of model or dentist. I currently write articles for a facial harmonization book with woman Dentists.

6. My first infatuation was for dentistry then the fitness world: Makes me feel alive and give me energy to continue my goals.

 7. My favourite Healthy snacks is salmon and broccoli. I love grapes and for breakfast eggs and coffee are very important for me.

8. My favorite fragrance is ”Paradiso” Roberto Cavalli.

9. The best beauty tip I picked up is drink a lot of water and drink water with lemon every day on an empty stomach.

10. If my days had one extra hour , I would studying or to do hiking, in Los Angeles there are many beautiful places for to do hiking and see nature.

11. One thing I always travel with my training clothes.

12. My fitness routine is go to the gym, study, and yoga.

13. The last thing I googled was the course of ”Unleash the Power within”.

14. Best shopping place in Los Angeles is ”The Grove” in Beverly Hills.

15. Most memorable runway/ modeling moment: It was my Playboy from Italy.

16. My beauty essentials include leadership, gratitude and always cheerful sense of humor. Always smiling.

17. My Guilty pleasure is ( I don’t know).

18. My biggest style regret is ( I don’t have).

19. You’d never catch me wearing baggy sweatshirt,

20. The most treasured item in my closet is fitness clothes or my high heels I love shoes.

21. The biggest gift I have ever received is my car.

22. On a typical Saturday night , I will be spend my time with my friends.

23. If you looked into my fridge, you’d find lots eggs and vegetables, my friends don’t like my fridge lol (hehe).

24. When it comes to deal with insecurities I learned to think before I act, to focus on what I want and can do. I can do everything or have my reach. For me insecurity is not necessary in our lives. Fear in necessary to wait for the right time to do and speak.

25. one thing I wish people knew about me: My gratitude for the world (I always looking for the best in me).

26. One compliment whith you can never forget: Thanking God for our health.

27. Message for our readers: Thank you readers for taking the time to read my profile, I hope you will be inspired to have a joyful, healthy life and with a mind full of positive energies to reach your goals. Whatever you want to do you can, it make some time, but don’t give up. Be persistent with your diet, keep going to the gym try study and fill your head with good things. Happiness to all.


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