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Hi, I’m Karey. A recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, it took me years to learn to listen to my inner voice- the one that couldn’t see myself at a traditional 9- 5 pm, the one who said it was ok (and needed!) to find time for fitness as a mom, the voice that said if I can envision it, it exists. I live to help my clients break patterns that aren’t serving them and wake up to all that life has to offer- free of guilt.

Sneak Peek into Karey’s Life !

1. I wake up around... 6 am when my son has school and 8 am otherwise. I am not an early riser- 5 am workouts are not for me.

2. My morning routine entails … a gratitude list, morning chores, waking my little guy up and getting ready for school.

3. On a typical day I eat .. 5 meals. I own a fast-casual healthy eating restaurant called PROTEINHOUSE so they primarily consist of ahi, bison, organic chicken, and vegetables. I also love protein bars as a sweet treat.

4. When I’m stressed , I … deep breathing, take a walk, listen to a life-giving podcast, or meditate.

5. If you looked at my desktop,  you would find.. nothing- I hate clutter and love things organized.

6. My first infatuation ... drawing.

7. My favourite healthy snack is … the PROTEINHOUSE peanut butter balls.

8. My favourite fragrance ... Victoria Secret Bombshell.

9. The best beauty tip I picked up .. is tinted moisturizer! You feel make-up free.

10. If my days had one extra hour , I would … read more.

11. One thing I always travel with … a portable speaker- I love acoustic music.

12. My fitness routine .. is 5 days per week. I lift in body part splits training legs 3 x per week and do cardio 3 times per week.

13. The last thing I googled ... COVID information by the CDC.

14. Best shopping place .. Evereve!

15. Most memorable runway/ modeling moment .. competing in the WBFF.

16. My beauty essentials include … mascara and lip gloss.

17. My Guilty pleasure is .... Netflix.

18. My biggest style regret is… peplum- that look didn’t do my body any favors.

19. You’d never catch me wearing … loose-fitting jeans.

20. The most treasured item in my closet is .. my mom’s gold charm bracelet.

21. The biggest gift I have ever received .. is a blanket with a recipe that my mom hand wrote printed on it from my boyfriend. My mom passed away when I was 12.

22. On a typical Saturday night, I will be … sitting outside by a fire with friends.

23. If you looked into my fridge, you’d find… almond milk, egg whites, fresh fruit and vegetables, Greek yogurt, ready-made protein shakes, light string cheese, turkey, and PROTEINHOUSE meal preps.

24. When it comes to dealing with insecurities… I’ve learned to embrace my flaws and am the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my skin.

25. one thing I wish people knew about me… is how much I genuinely love helping others. I love being a fitness and business coach.

26. One compliment which you can never forget… is one about my humor or intellect.

27. Message for our readers … never stop dreaming- take the time to imagine the unimaginable- if you can imagine it, you can make it a reality.

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