In pursuit for Excellence India born Dubai based model & fashion Influencer Neha Shastri

1.  Take us back to your beginnings and how it leads to the opportunity of being a fashion influencer and Model?

My mother has always been a great admirer of daily soaps and wanted to see me gracing the big screen someday. I left my job as a Data Analyst in a US-based firm and set my heart on becoming a fashion model and actor. In pursuit of achieving what I and my mother had dreamt of, I joined Frankfinn Institute of Modelling and Acting for basic training in the year 2017. Gradually, I started approaching photographers and brands for modelling projects as a freelancer. Never joined any agency so far and my decisions have led me to DUBAI. Apart from being a fashion model and fashion influencer, I have also been a business person with a vision.

2. You are raised in a business family and now being a successful Model & influencer. How’s the journey so far?

The glamour and glitter always fascinated me. I used to think of walking the ramps, turning the eyeballs of people and being the centre of attraction. It was one of my desires to be one of the fashion icons in the industry. It was not a shocker when I shared my interests with my family. My parents have always supported me throughout my journey. Honestly, I could not have got this far without their blessings.

3. You evolved as a multifaceted, multitalented personality being a Model & fashion influencer in Dubai UAE. Share your experience being in the International territory?

Getting an opportunity to be the face of an international fashion forum is not less than a dream come true.  It is a big leap towards the lifestyle I aspired for. I always knew that talent is not just something that one has from birth. It is acquired through ongoing efforts and an intention to do more, do better, by making conscious & smart decisions. With this little insight, I have always managed to keep my head high and earn what I wanted, with utmost dignity.

4. You just did a Fitnglam International calendar shoot 2020 Season 2. How was the experience?

Working with the team of Fitnglam made me more aware of processes and the kind of values that exist within the industry. It surely was a refreshing novel experience for me. It was a delight, working for the calendar shoot 2020 and it left me with a sense of fulfilment and gratification. Team Fitnglam calendar shoot was very professional and seasoned as they minutely look into every detail of the project be it locations, wardrobe, makeover, posing, camera angles hence executed it seamlessly.

Shot from fitnglam International Shoot, Dubai. Image Credit : Rohit Kumar

5. When you’re not busy, what are some of your favourite things to do?

I feel privileged that I always have something to do to keep myself involved. I believe that an empty mind is Satan’s workplace. So, I have always devised certain ways to keep myself occupied. Still, when I get some free time, I think and work upon developing my skills and look out for long or short term beneficial collaborations.

Also, I have always believed in philanthropy and, in my little ways tried to contribute whatever I can to give back to society. I have been running a trust called Jan Jagrity Foundation that caters to the less privileged sections of the society, particularly orphans.

6. How do you create a balance between work & life?

I always wanted to be termed as the “workaholic” one in the group, which has always made me prioritise work over everything else. Also, I make sure that I do not miss out on the essential parts and moments of my personal life. Catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, trying my hands-on gardening, treating myself with home-cooked food and once in a while getting a spa or a foot massage or a swimming session are my ways of bursting the stress bubble and resetting myself after toiling away for a week.

7. How do you see yourself 5 years from hence? POST calendar shoot your hands full of projects.

I am excited to see what happens next. Post the calendar shoot, I am hopeful of getting more such projects that will make my portfolio a tad more interesting. I am constantly grinding to become a better version of myself who not only makes her parents but also her nation, proud. Also, deep within, I have always longed to see those sleek slender awards on my shelf that would constantly remind me to work harder and harder every single day.

8. You have been in the fashion industry for a long time in Dubai, what are the challenges you faced & how do you see yourself?

It is not easy- I can vouch for it. It happens with almost everyone who is struggling and trying to become better than their previous self. You will find different kinds of people in every sector. Some will be helpful; others will look for prey in you. It will always be an art in itself to elbow your way to achieving the things that you want, with a tinge of grace. I have broken through a lot of walls and have come across a lot of hurdles in the course of my journey. I would always be thankful to my family and friends whose constant support gives me the strength to have become the person I want to. I am lucky that I am not alone in my journey

9. Any plan/ assignments want to pursue near future.

There are various thoughts, many assignments and certain plans I would like to see myself get indulged in, shortly. I can’t share anything much with you about them, but you would see it clearly when the things happen and the stars fall in place.

10. Do you have any advice for those who look upon you as a Role model?

Firstly, it will be an honour for me to become a person to be looked upon as a role model. Everyone is on their journey, trying to make their dreams come true and if you ask each one of them, they would all have different things to say about what worked for them and what did not.

I feel that I still have a lot to achieve before I can go on and advice someone who is aspiring to take up this journey. However, a little piece of advice that I would give is to always be a seeker and earn the things that you wish to have, in a dignified manner. Set the right goals, carve out a path, make the necessary additions/subtractions and have authority within yourself. There will be situations that will try to break you. Don’t worry. It is there in every step of your professional journey; just keep pushing forward and remember to do it all with a smile. Rest, leave it to fate. The universe falls in love with stubborn people who look for becoming better versions of themselves. Make time for yourself and likely space where you can think with clarity.

11. Share your social handles where followers could find you.

Instagram @official_nehashastri

Facebook @officialnehashastri

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