A Harmonious Chord : Smitha Antony, Woman On The Rise

Smitha Antony, IT professional, Violinist, Social Worker & Woman Achiever in New South Wales, Australia. Her roots are from India but holds Australian Nationality. She has been honoured with many awards Nationally & Internationally. Smitha Antony, a professional violinist settled in Australia, hails from a family of renowned music directors and western classical violinists in Kerala. She is a noted & famous violinist mainly among the Indian community in Australia having performed at many events in Sydney and recently was the recipient of the first international Balabhaskar Memorial Award- ‘VismayaBala Award’ instituted by Sandra Cultural Academy, Trivandrum. Smitha has also orchestrated various music programs and mentored song groups for shows in Sydney. She was part of the panel of judges for the Yuva Talent Show 2018 organised by Wollongong Malayalee Association(Australia).
Producer of an award- winning Short Film – ‘She Decided Enough is Enough” which won the Best Screenplay Award at the International Films and Entertainment Festival of Australia(2016), Music composer and violinist of the Short Film ‘THULLI’ (Released on 22nd March 2019).

She is a member of Art Collective Sydney, Founding Member of BollyVision – Where Talent Meets Passion, Committee Member of SwarTaj (an initiative of a non profit organisation – Sydney Bollywood Melody Group) and Program coordinator of North Western Sydney Malayalee Association.

Read the Smitha’s exclusive interview with Fitnglam Magazine editorial team.

1. Take us back to your beginnings and how it led to the opportunity to start- up preparing for a professional violinist ?

Smitha : Having born in a family of renowned western classical violinists and musicians, it was quite natural for me to be trained from a very young age. I have been exposed to the violin since my birth, my father M J Antony, a noted violinist/music director of yester years taught me the violin at the age of seven. My father is my greatest inspiration. After my father’s demise, I continued my violin lessons under my uncle, Late. M J Michael’s guidance. The passion continued throughout my life which fuelled my desire to succeed to a professional level.

2. You are raised in a family of music enthusiasts, and the first recipient of the prestigious Vismaya Balasandra Award. How’s the journey so far ?

Smitha : I had the privilege of being raised in a family of music enthusiasts which did help me in many ways to get this far.

I was overjoyed when I got that phone call last year from The Sandra Cultural Academy informing me about the nomination and the decision to award me as the 1st recipient in memory of The Late Balabhaskar – a renowned violinist who was loved by each and everyone in my home state – Kerala. Balbhaskar’s life was cut short in a tragic car accident in 2018.

This award was a huge turning point and also an eye opener for me as it further emphasised how success will follow, if you keep working on your passion and inspire others with your talents. My journey has been extremely monumental.

3. You evolved as a multifaceted, multitalented personality being a music composer, producer of an award-winning film, Judge of a talent show & IT professional. Which role you like most ?

The role that I like the most is being a music composer because it has advanced my musical career and also allows me to express my creativity and individuality which inspires others through this artform. Smitha shared with Fitnglam.

4. If you weren’t an IT professional, what would you wanted to do ?

Smitha : I would be running my own musical brand/company which would help many upcoming artists to extend themselves in the entertainment industry.

5. When you’re not busy, what are some of your favorite things to do ?

Smitha : When I am not busy I love to catch up on my sleep, another talent of mine!

6. How do you create a balance between work & life ?

Smitha : I am a true believer of working with passion, be it your profession or personal goals/life and get motivated by great achievements and extraordinary results. This belief helps me focus on the bigger picture and sideline the everyday mundane activities.

7. How do you see World & Sydney, Australia evolve especially music events, fashion & entertainment industry during & post-COVID 19 pandemic. Does it impact you to certain extent ?

Smitha : In my opinion, COVID-19 has been a world-shattering event, with various unpleasant consequences which disrupted the entire stratosphere of things which dulled Globalization.
I am proud to say Sydney/ Australia has managed this outbreak pretty well but the music events, fashion & entertainment industry have come to a stand still with the last few restrictions yet to be lifted. This has also temporarily put a break on my musical journey though my efforts and passions are still alive.

8. You are working as an IT professional for a long time, what are the challenges you faced between working & pursuing your musical interests ?

Smitha : Having to dedicate my time equally with my full attention to produce 100 percent outcome due to extreme commitments I have taken on in both areas had forced me to work overtime. This has been a major challenge for me.

9. Any future plan/ assignments/ passion want to pursue post COVID 19 pandemic ?

Smitha : I have few things in the making which will allow me to further my passion in all forms of creative arts/media by incorporating digital technology whilst working with a group of well established and experienced individuals in Australia and all over the world to further establish our Global Brand, ‘BollyVision’. I believe I have exciting times ahead both individually and as a group.

10. Do you have any advice for those who look upon you as a Role model ?

Smitha : Always follow your passion and throw in a bit of creativity and individuality in whatever area you pursue. Be humble as you progress and keep evolving.

11. Share your social handles where followers could find you.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Smitha-Antony-A-Violinists-Journey-107233500963727/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/smitha_antony/

Wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smitha_Antony

Founding Member: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BollyVisionWTMP


Interviewed BySanjeev Jain, Editor In Chief Fitnglam Magazine.


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