Harley-Davidson’s e-mobility venture, Serial 1 e bikes are up for Pre Order

Harley Davidson’s e-mobility venture, serial 1 had officially announced its first four production  models last year.
With the global pandemic leading to a cycling boom this summer, on top of growing environmental concerns around gas-powered vehicles, this could be the move that saves the brand.

The four models are named MOSH/CTY, RUSH/CTY Step-Thru, RUSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY Speed. MOSH/CTY is the least expensive model, but it’s still a major investment at $3,399. That bike comes in four different frame sizes, includes a 529Wh removable battery and maxes out at 20 mph in assisted mode. The battery takes about 4.8 hours to charge and should provide between 35 and 105 miles depending on what mode you use and what terrain you’re on.

Harley-Davidson isn’t the first gas-guzzling brand to try to go green with an electric bike: BMW offers e-bikes starting at $2250, Porsche’s offerings begin at around $7,000, and GM briefly joined the e-bike market before shutting down that operation earlier this year.
Serial 1 e-bikes are expected to be released in early 2021 and will be available direct-to-consumer online and at certain Harley-Davidson dealerships.

The first Serial 1 e-bikes are expected to hit the market from March 2021, with options kicking off from US$3,399.

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