Exclusive Interview : Vishal Sivappa, The Green Entrepreneur !

A Co- Founder of The Betta Life Coffee & Easy Tiger, Co- Founder of CSPA & Sports Masters, A coffee planter, Meet versatile Entrepreneur Vishal Sivappa. A short candid conversation about lifestyle, post Covid & his recent venture Sports Masters.

1. Take us back to your beginnings and how it lead to the opportunity to start up as a coffee planter ?
Vishal : My journey with coffee began at my birth. Being born into a family who has been a part of the coffee heritage, I see it as my biggest blessing. It’s taught me the right lessons of life, culture, tradition, business and deep rooted family ties. Our family story goes far back to 1860 when my great grandfather bought his first plantation in Somwarpet, Kodagu.

This, in the early 1900s led to my great grand aunt Sakamma , who also was fondly known as Coffee Pudi Sakamma. She contributed to many firsts in the coffee industry and is still remembered till today for her achievements. We have always been a family who have supported  all women and seen them as powerful and a stronger gender. Personally, I have always been very passionate about food and sport. I am a big believer in making my passion my profession and hence have enjoyed investing in them. I have had the opportunity to invest in restaurants as well as various sports such as boxing and snooker.
During this journey, I discovered that I could balance being a planter as well as an entrepreneur and began spending equal amounts of time in between my estate in Coorg and Bangalore. And with this saw the light of my passion project , The Betta Life. Our very own brand of single origin coffee.

2. If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would you want to do ?
Vishal : A Sportsman or a politician.

3. When you’re not busy, what are some of your favourite things to do ?
Vishal : Sports, food and family make a big part of who I am. So when i am not working, I play a sport like snooker, golf or swim. It really helps me destress. I love trying out new cuisines. I spend ample time with my family and friends. I believe in striking a good balance between work and family, which is important for a successful growth of a business too.

4. How do you create a balance between work & life ?
Vishal : I personally give equal importance to both as both have equal importance in my life, but sure it’s a fine balance. One learns as they go.

5. How do you see the world evolve especially sports, events industry post-COVID 19 pandemic ? 
Vishal : Post this unfortunate pandemic there are two things that has taken place. One that people have understood that they need to stay healthy. Two, due to so many companies choosing to move their workforce to work from home, staying fit has become a priority. Health foods have already seen an increase amongst us like never before. Outdoor activities has already seen a big push forward with more people wanting to explore the outdoors. Be it sport or outdoor adventure. So what I feel is that sports, health and fitness stands to benefit.

6. You are graduated in sports & event management at GLION, Switzerland. Have been working on projects pertains to sports & events for a long time, what are the challenges you faced while pursuing your passion ?
Vishal : Like every other journey, the ups and downs are shared equally.

7. Do you have any future plan/ assignments to pursue post-COVID 19 pandemics ?
Vishal : Yes! Sports Masters. We have created a platform/ecosystem for people to stay healthy on a every weekend basis while playing India’s favourite sport, cricket. It’s outdoors and it’s a non contact sport which makes it safer in the times we live in. We would love to share more details about this and will do so in a more appropriate time.

8. Do you have any advice for those who look upon you as a Role model ?

Everyone learns their whole life and I am still learning and my journey has been so many things. From my personal experience I would say, Be passionate, Be consistent. There are going to be hurdles of many different sorts in life. And that’s just life. Stay true to your dream and goal and keep at it. And I strongly believe if you sincerely do anything in life, there will be positive outcomes. Said Vishal Sivappa to Fitnglam Editorial Team.

9. Share your social handles where our readers could find you.

Instagram- @vishalsivappa
Facebook- sportsmastersIndia
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