Fitnglam Releases its Latest Edition featuring on cover An Angel Investor & Disrupter Dr. Ritesh Malik

Fitnglam which is an independently published global media and publishing house established in 2017, that bring latest news from different segments of life, fitness, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, business and entertainment, recently released its July Edition Cover, featuring Dr. Ritesh Malik.

An extraordinary disruptor – Dr Ritesh Malik (Insta@drriteshmalik) is an Investor, tech-savvy, strategist, co-founder of many startups, AI & Robotics next-generation business owner.

You can read his comprehensive interview covering many aspects of Post COVID business environment, Economy, trends and many more. In his thirst to promote entrepreneurship, Dr Ritesh Malik has not only provided co-working space to start-ups through his venture Innov8 started in 2012, he has also invested in 65+ startups so far since 2013.

In this special tech edition you can read topics covering – the tech issue: 30 + tips on building a workforce for future, Rise of the Jio Digital empire , Global brands played fashionably responsible during a pandemic and lot more.

Image credits & Cover designed by, Rohit Kumar. ( Insta :

Founder : Vijay Singh (vijaysinghent)
Editor in Chief : Sanjeev Jain (sanjeevjain2802)

Dr. Ritesh Malik, With Vijay Singh, Founder, Fitnglam Magazine & Sanjeev Jain, Editor In Chief, Fitnglam Magazine.

Fitnglam Magazine serves up fresh, provocative and insanely addictive business and lifestyle tips and content for a dedicated readership.


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