Featuring Lucinda Nicholas, International Model and Actress

Skin care regime?
Lucinda: I make sure I stay hydrated and I drink plenty of water.
I keep a clean diet and live by the 80/20 rule and believe that keeping a green and healthy diet assists with beautiful skin.
I have skin care consultants that I speak too who I have been seeing for last three years at About Face in my hometown (they’re the only people I trust) and the products I use and recommend are Ultraceuticals.
I always take my makeup off and believe in a good nights rest for skin repair.
Hair styling tips?
Lucinda : I try to avoid styling my hair unless I have a photo shoot or I am on set. I will always use a heat protector whenever I am styling my hair and wavy curls are my signature look.
First Infatuation?
Lucinda : Yoga – I became in love with yoga at the young age of 13, I am now a qualified instructor and practice every day.
“You” in one word?
Lucinda : Tenacious
Your fitness mantra?
Lucinda : I believe in always staying active. I like to keep moving. I do yoga every single day even if it is for only five minutes.
Favourite fragrance?
Lucinda : I love the range from CREED. Spring Flower or Silver Mountain Water.
Fashion tip for female readers?
Lucinda : Wear what you feel and want and don’t let people tell you how you should or shouldn’t dress.
The biggest “pinch me” moment?
Lucinda : I think just recently being accepted to study at NYFA on a scholarship program. It was a dream come true to study acting at one of the best schools in the world.
Favourite song?
Lucinda : It always changes. There are two that I always love and put me in such a happy mood. Shakira’s 2010 FIFA world cup song ‘Waka Waka’ or Jennifer Lopez’s song ‘Lets Get Loud’.
Most precious thing in your wardrobe?
Lucinda : The last jumper I wore to see and hug my beloved auntie who passed away. It hangs in my closet and I won’t touch it or wear it again. It just reminds me of her.
Favourite shopping place?
Lucinda : Dubai Mall, Dubai.
Biggest shopping mistake you’ve ever made?
Lucinda : I think the worst thing is when I have been in a rush and I have an event or meeting coming up and I impulse buy something new to wear due to being in a new country and for some reason I didn’t pack something appropriate and then it doesn’t fit or it doesn’t look the way I envisioned. This for me has been a repeated mistake, and I think it’s so important to try it on before buying it because it could look way different. The lesson for me is to just prepare as much in advance or pack my suitcases as best as I can for all occasions.
The last thing you googled?
Lucinda : Best smelling fabric softener. Haha! I love my clothes smelling nice.
One thing you always travel with?
Lucinda : Aside from the obvious, hand sanitizers, eye masks, ear plugs etc. I always travel with a journal or diary. I feel like when I am not distracted I can really get good ideas or just reflect on something special that happened to me and I can write it down so I don’t forget.
The one thing that not many people know about you?
Lucinda : I don’t drink alcohol.
If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?
Lucinda : I would let all the animals out of captivity and release them out into the wild into their natural habitat. I believe they belong in their natural environment. It is so sad to see them used for human entertainment.
What’s your plan for 2020-21?
Lucinda : Well the plan is to finish my Acting study at NYFA and release my yoga and self-development guide that I have been working on for the last five years. I am really excited about this. Along with maintaining my fitness and fashion goals.
One advice you want to give to our readers?
Lucinda : Stay positive, stay active, be yourself. Follow your dreams and always be kind.


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