Featuring Karishma Kotak, International Model, Actress & TV Presenter

cccc0Skin care regime?

Karishma : Lots of moisturiser and I drink lots of water which definitely helps with skin being hydrated

Hair styling tip?

Karishma : I love a good blow dry and I also like big wavy hair… what I don’t like is too many pins and hairspray!! I like beach waves and the natural look

First Infatuation?

Karishma : Probably Leonardo de caprio

Karishma in one word ?

Karishma : Loyal

Your fitness mantra?


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Karishma : I love going to my spin class and if I can’t make it to the gym I try and walk 7/8 k on that day. It’s just about keeping fit and active

Favourite body part exercise ?

Karishma : Love cardio

Favourite fragrance?

Karishma : Elli Saab

Favourite Meal?

Karishma : Mutton biryani LoL or sushi

Fashion tip for female readers?

Karishma : Be yourself and be comfortable.

Karishma : One thing you can’t live without?

Karishma : My phone- sadly

The biggest “pinch me” moment?

Karishma : Getting the ipl and interviewing some of the biggest names in cricket.

Favourite song ?

Karishma : Masakali or the boy is mine by liv Lowelle

Favourite stadium ?

Karishma : Lords and wankade

Favourite commentator?

Karishma : Harsha bogle and Saurav

Most precious thing in your wardrobe?

Karishma : My sass and bide dress

Favourite Shopping place ?

Karishma : London

Biggest shopping mistake you’ve ever made?

Karishma : So many!!!

One style tip that you’d like to give youngsters…

Karishma : Keep it simple!!!

The last thing you googled?

Karishma : I web checked in for my flight to Istanbul. But I’m constantly checking the weather and  the news.

One thing you always travel with?

Karishma : My book and iPad

If not an actor and TV presenter , then what ?

Karishma : Defiantly a teacher or I would be in public relations.

Favourite cricket player from current squad of Team India ?

Karishma : Virat Kohli.

Tete-e-tete with the very gorgeous, Karishma Kotak

1. Can you share with our readers your early inspiration to become the person you are today and how you get into broadcasting ?

Karishma : I started with finishing my degree in advertising and marketing and was modelling part time. I came to Mumbai, started doung assignments and did the kingfisher calendar and then a movie in the south and was hosting some travel shows. And then bigg boss happens and I auditioned for the IPL.

It’s all lead to where I am today.

2. Who were your early influences and what do you attribute to your success at this stage of your career ?

Karishma : Good friends and family support and the belief in myself.

3. As a part of your job, you get to watch the games quite closely. On the basis of that, what do you make of the current Indian side and the bunch of youngsters it has got?

Karishma : Well they’re the fittest and haven’t had a single lost so far so I’m very happy that India as of now are at no 2 . The discipline is very eveident and Dhoni and Virat have really changed the game.

4. When not working, how does a typical day look like in your life?

Karishma : Gym, meetings catching up with friends. I love chilling and reading and watching good films.

I also travel a lot.

5. Any tips for aspiring sports presenters/commentators?

karishma : Nothing beats hard work

Be present know your game and know your work and keep at it


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