Exclusive Interview : Sonia Sharma, Fitness Fanatic and Woman On The Rise

1. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself – background, profession, how long you’ve been competing for ?
Sonia : I basically belong to jamalpur, a small town in district bhiwani of Haryana, which doesn’t have much opportunities and for girls nothing as of now in terms of professional field. I have always been an ambitious girl, so I came to Gurgaon to make a career in the year 2012 and I started working as an HR in corporate sector. Then, I got married to Ajay, who was in fitness line and I liked how conscious he was about his body and was so fit. My husband is actually a fitness freak and having been training people over so many years he had a dream of having a partner who was also passionate about fitness and together they could make other couples fit, So I joined him on his birthday as a surprise for him. He trained me thoroughly and I also put in my best efforts and did well. And luckily I became the partner he was looking for. Then, we had the same dream to follow and in pursuit of making our dream come true, I thought of preparing for Sheru Classic in March and Ajay supported me unquestionably and you all know the results of Sheru Classic July Competition… “I became the first female fitness athlete IFBB Pro in fitness category” And life has changed thereafter…

2. What’s been your inspiration for getting into fitness competitions ?
Sonia : When I got involved in Fitness Industry, I got to know about the celebrities in this line and it was like a wow feeling that I used to get seeing girls doing such tough training regimes and preparing, winning making their mark in the industry. It inspired me to give it a shot to reach this level and to make a name for myself. And here I am.

3. Did you have an athletic background ?
Sonia : No, I was from a corporate background but my husband is from athletic background.

4. You’re a Fitness competitor. How does this differ from the other classes like figure, Physique or bikini ?
Sonia : In Bikini, figure and Physique there is only one round of posing wherein you showcase your body definition but in fitness there are two round one of course is posing and the other round is of performance routine wherein you do stunts utilizing your ability of core balancing, body strength along with body flexibility and having a good physique doesn’t really go well with body flexibility. And maximum weightage is of performance routine about 70% of total evaluation. So, if you ask me, I think fitness is a tougher category.

5. What about being strong makes you feel sexy ?
Sonia : Now that I am strong, there is nothing that I can’t do to achieve my dream and that sure does make me feel sexy.

6. In bodybuilding, it’s all about size, shred and symmetry. How do you (so successfully) stand out from your competitors during competition ?
Sonia : I feel like making a good physique is to put in all the efforts and follow a strict regime but Confidence and faith in god makes you stand out in the crowd.

7. What does your training and diet look like in the off season ?
Sonia : I’m talking reps, sets, cardio, calories, protein, carbs, etc.
I do minimum3 sets of 8-10 reps with heavy weight to gain muscle and increase size with less cardio. And I follow a normal diet routine which gives me maximum nutrition.

8. What suplements are you currently taking ?
Sonia : Protein, BCAA and Glutamine.

9. What is your favourite cheat Meal ?
Sonia : Cake & Chocolates.

10. When you’re on holiday at the beach, do you find yourself, like a chef going out for a meal, sizing everyone else up, finding faults, looking for tips, etc?
Sonia : When I am on a holiday, I enjoy and eat everything forgetting other things for a while…. That’s what holidays are meant to be like…. Right… Otherwise also, I don’t judge people…

11. If you could only take 3 items on a desert island what would they be ?
Sonia : My Husband, my son and cool things to keep us cool and enjoy in desert.

12. If you type ‘female gym motivation’ into YouTube, the results are tantamount to softcore pornography. How do you react to people who see this sport as a glorified peep show ?
Sonia : Not only for us, but also for the beauty pageants and its contestants I think at some level the same thing happens. Although, It is not right but in India it will take some time to make people aware that it is a sport not a peep show and to make it happen I urge more and more young girls to see this as a profession.

13. Name one secret that people dont know about you ?
Sonia : Let secret be a secret only.

14. Is it possible to make a living from fitness modelling ?
Sonia : Yes of course, it is a very good profession and not only it can make a living possible, it can give you a respected stature in the society and if you do it right you can live luxuriously.

16. What are your long term goals in this sport ?
Sonia : Now, I want to represent India across the globe and then compete in “Olympia”.

17. What are the three tips would you like to give to any woman wanting to get a feminine , cut and jacked physique like yours ?
Sonia : Eat well, sleep well and do weight training.

18. Where people can follow you ? (social media links )
Instagram: sonia_ifbbpro_india
Facebook: ifbb pro sonia
Facebook page: SoniajayfitnessbirdsCoach

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