Exclusive Interview : Ruma Sharma, Actress and Internet Sensation

Ruma Sharma, the hot and sexy actress, is an Indian Television actress who started her career at the age of six. Today, Ruma Sharma is a popular actor and is quite known for her boldness and sexy looks. The 24-year-old actress, Ruma Sharma, has featured in shows like Code red of Colors TV, Fear Files of Zee TV, Savdhaan India of Life ok and Crime Patrol of Sony TV. Ruma Sharma is also a social media sensation with over seven lakhs followers on instagram.

Read her exclusive interview with Fitnglam Editorial team.

Skin care regime ? 

Ruma : 

  • Wash your face thrice a day
  • Apply Aloe Vera Gel specially massage it in morning
  • I love biotic products so mostly prefer using face cream and Moisturizer cream of same brand
  • Also I don’t prefer using chemical products much so try home remedies like lemon , milk , rose water , turmeric mixture as a face pack
  • And before sleeping biotic Eye gel it’s really nice
  • Don’t apply makeup when it’s not necessary
  • Drink lots of water
Hair styling tips ? 
Ruma : I love long hairs so avoid colour or any chemical products for my hair too
But surely prefer doing a good hair oil champi twice a week it’s nourishes my hair
Do trim hair once in a month for better growth
Don’t tie hair too tight as it leads to hair fall
So I prefer keeping my hairs open mostly
And not using much of curl or straightening machines when not required prefer only when am shooting also eating Avla is really good for good hair growth
First Infatuation ?
Ruma : My First Pet That was baby Persian Cat he died when he was just 3 months old
“You” in one word?
Ruma : Pure Soul
Your fitness mantra ?
Ruma : Yoga And No Dieting
Favourite fragrance ?
Ruma : I love Ittar more than perfumes specially the rose and lavender
Fashion tip for female readers ?
Ruma : I don’t believe in following any fashion trends so same would suggest make your own trend mix and match the combo like indo western style … and don’t be to matchy matchy and step out of comfort zone try every style our body is blessings.
The biggest “pinch me” moment ?
Ruma : when I my Instagram got verified it was my birthday next day I was still not able to believe and was shooting people suddenly started sending congratulations msgs.
Favourite song ?
Ruma : There is no as such specific I love all kinda song I have special music list according to my mood swings hahaha LoL but one song which comes first whenever I sing at time’s is “Lag Ja Gale”.
Most precious thing in your wardrobe ?
Ruma : My good luck tijori I have special place for it in my wardrobe so wherever I used to travel abroad I keep all those country currency in my wardrobe tijori.
Favourite shopping place ?
Ruma : No as such I love to buy thing from where I like I really love Jaipur’s street market the collection is just amazing which u can’t even get in showrooms or big brands am not brand person much I prefer picking some unique stuff… I don’t follow trends I make my own…
Biggest shopping mistake you’ve ever made ?
Ruma : I have not made but one the brand made hahaha so I did a Collabration with one of the interactional brand so they have sent 2 outfits of same design But smart me I did twining with my mother for that outfit lol
The last thing you googled ?
Ruma : Visa free countries I love Traveling and after lockdown want to travel somewhere for sure so why not to try some visa free country
One thing you always travel with ?
Ruma : iPhone charger is must as I take lots of selfies so it’s saviour for me along with power bank.
The one thing that not many people know about you ?
Ruma : Most of them think am hardcore gym person so the truth is I have not gone gym in my life till now so prefer working out at home also am not diet person I love eating  paratha with lots of butter or ghee.
Is there any in person motivator or mentors ?
Ruma : My Mom
What is the essence of being a woman? 
Ruma : A Woman is an affectionate mother, a devoted Wife, a caring daughter, a trustworthy sister, and a loyal friend. In a true sense, a woman is the very existence of nature. She is Shakti and the very embodiment of supreme energy A Woman is a Beautiful Creation of God, To Spread Love,
If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?
Ruma : I’m foodie person as I don’t go gym and don’t diet but still eat according to my stomach I want to be free baby for a day so I can try all kinda of food in one day without thinking of weight gain.
Future plans ?
Ruma : I am just going with the flow I don’t dream about anything I work with passion for the things I want to do and I give targets to myself so one the plan is to buy house for my mother in Mumbai soon so working on that .
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