Exclusive Interview : Ranjeeta Dutta Khan, Women On The Rise

Ranjeeta Dutta khan a name synonym of “A lady with mission”. She is a successful Entrepreneur, Educationist, Speaker, Life coach, and a Social Worker. She has been honoured with over 100 awards Nationally & Internationally. Her entrepreneur journey started in 2003 after completing her higher education. She was interviewed by many local & national media channels & featured by news publications as well. She was first recognised by APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation honoured with ‘Certificate of kindness’. Ranjeeta Dutta khan never looked back ever since. Few of the accolades are :

#Recognised by Global Times 2nd Edition Women’s Times 2020
#India Achievers Award 2019 at Best Educationist & social worker.
#International Achievement Award for best Educationist & Social worker 2019,
#India Achievers for best Educationist and social worker 2019
#Recognised by Ministry of Ayush for Active participation in Yoga Quiz
#Certificate of Excellence, Honoring the brave by Human Rights Committee
#Certificate of Appreciation by Hafsana Foundation
#Sony Bangla TV invited her for being guest speaker
#Alore Disha Social welfare Foundation feliciated her as Committed Entrepreneur & Social Activist
#Certificate of Appreciation as Corona Warriors Honour by KAMALGAZI LIFE
#Certificate of Appreciation by Peace Justice Humanity & Relief Foundation

Her list of awards is endless. She has been appointed as a Brand Ambassador of many causes & NGO’s in the City of Kolkatta.

She is the founder and Director of Education.in, a education institute for women for providing vocational courses to become self- reliant. People wonder how she is able to do it all? But those who really know Ranjeeta Dutta Khan well, will certainly say that she has her finger on the pulse, of what it truly means to live your life to the fullest.Ranjeeta Dutta Khan learned how to love life and appreciate every day by overcoming emotional, physical, and psychological barriers and setbacks early on. Ranjeeta,s ability to recognize and seize a career change opportunity serves as an inspiration to all working women.
She has been speaking as guest speaker & organised over 100 events in last 10 years with the concept of “Empowering Women”. She is a visionary lady & her deeds leads towards uniting women from across countries with different backgrounds and different communities. She has given platform to many women & is now a successful role model for others.

Read her Exclusive Interview with Fitnglam Magazine Editorial team.

1. When did the thought of being into entrepreneurship?

Ranjeeta : Since childhood! Yes when people (girls) used to write in slam books to be a model, an actress, a dancer, a singer, a musician or a housewife… I used to write, I want to become a successful businesswomen!
2. What were the initial challenges you faced?
Ranjeeta : I guess many and trust me, they were countless, whether it’s from creating your value to capturing the market scenario to understanding each and every situation from different perspective till you become a brand.
3. What do you think is the most difficult part of being an Businesswomen and how do you overcome?
Ranjeeta : The first hurdle comes from the basic thought process of being a women and running a business? There is nothing to overcome as such, it’s just the thought process that for running a business you don’t need a masculine energy or power. For centuries it has been proved.
4. What is your story so far personal and professional?
Ranjeeta : well, being the only daughter as of now and having sick and old parents to take care of them, I guess I’m able to do it up to the mark. Everyone has their share of fear, doubts, failures, heartbreaks, but life must go on. Professionally, I’d love to take risks and am not afraid of failures. I failed many a times, but that’s fine. We learn from every experience! Quite an interesting journey.
5. What do you personally feel about the profession to being Associated with NGO’s?
Ranjeeta : Meeting different people from different backgrounds with different struggle stories and being a life coach, I always share my story and try to encourage every soul. Spread positivity and to have faith and the will to do.
6. What are your experiences of being into grooming, personality development & Life coach ?
Ranjeeta : Of course yes! Can you name me one woman who doesn’t want to look glamorous or who doesn’t wish to be seen? But yes, every profession has their own protocols, so when anyone ventures into one particular field, they should always know how to tackle and handle tricky situations and most importantly you can’t afford to be impatient!!!
7. Do you think the current environment is suitable to encourage young teens to enter the profession,What should they keep in mind while entering in this field ?
Ranjeeta : Hmm…. I won’t say changes. It actually transformed me in every possible way it can.
8. Who is your role model , the one you follow ?
Ranjeeta : Well there are actually three :- Tops the chart is our very own Shah Rukh Khan (fanatic). Ratan Tata, the most humble boss anyone can have and Priyanka Chopra for her sober essence and glamour.
9. How is your family affected by your profession ?
Ranjeeta : Juggling in many fields most of the time leaves me with no time to relax or to take my parents on a long vacation or to serve them my hand cooked food. Now I guess even they understand and cooperate with me.
My parents are the reason how I came into the social service field. From our relatives to family and friends, from neighbours to the poorest of poor, no one ever returned empty handed from our house whoever came for help. Now it’s my duty to serve them with all the happiness and I pledge to carry on their legacy of helping the needy.
10. How do you think you will affect the thinking of people ?
Ranjeeta : I guess…. I have touched many lives by now and reformed them. When I address the people, I speak with all my emotions and pour my heart out in every word. I try to explain every nooks and corners with proper logic. We can’t be blind and we can’t be brainless too.
11. As a education consultant and entrepreneur what value you are bringing to the table for esteemed clients ?
Ranjeeta : I consider all my clients esteemed and valued. As far as education is concerned, I try to impart moral and aesthetic values more which I always vouch for. Until a child learns to be a good human being, how he/she is going to bring a positive and rational change in the society? Just with few good numbers and a well paid job? I emphasise everyone to be a good and kind hearted soul and to have the courage to stand for what is right!
12. What are you future goal ? 
Ranjeeta : To be a successful educationist, personality development couch and an avid social activist and to live a well celebrated life!
13. What are your plans ahead/Aspiring for ?
Ranjeeta : I wish the coming generation should live their life with happiness, togetherness, peace and should practice a beautiful thing such as ‘sabr’! Lift your spirit, access your strength, enjoy the feeling, rise, extend and fly!!!
14. Your social media connects ?
 Ranjeeta : Facebook, Instagram, linked in bio (www.@education.in)
15. You won many accolades in kolkatta & pan India, how these title helped you in paving the way being successful life coach?
Ranjeeta : Every achievements will always remain special. My gratitude and love to all who had awarded me considering me worthy enough and of course every award takes u nearer to your goal.
16. People see you as a role model. Any advice ?
Ranjeeta : The greatness of life can’t be measured simply by winning or losing… The actual magic lies in consistently finishing the race. Never quit! Don’t “manage” who you are to own everything else!!!
17. Whats your upcoming projects post Covid 19 pandemic ?
Ranjeeta : There are many in the pipeline…. Let it get unfold in their divine timings. Love you all and stay blessed!

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