Exclusive Interview : Pooja Sharma, Fitness Fanatic and Transformation Specialist

Pooja Sharma is a Mtv Ex Roadie 2019, Ms Bengaluru , Ms south india fitness, a Transformation specialist and the founder and Director of Fit.one.

Fit.one is a Bangalore based fitness startup offering Online Personal Training, Fitness, Lifestyle  & Nutrition Consultancy for the last 1 year. The team consists of Pro-Athletes and Fitness Experts from All Genres. Our clients range from Athletes, Fitness Trainers, Fashion Professionals, Amateur Fitness Individuals and Regular Members. The reach over the last 1 year has expanded over 3 continents (40 countries) with Training handled across multiple time-zones and multiple streams.

Their offering includes Personal Goal Oriented Workout and Nutrition Packages, which are customised as per various Geographical, Occupational, Gender and Age specifications of our client. The reach ranges from very strong engagement in Social Media, Outreach Programs in Community and Fitness Centres, with over 50,000 engaging members.

Website: www.Fit.one

Read the Exclusive Interview of Fitness fanatic , Pooja Sharma with Fitnglam Magazine Editorial Team.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself – background, profession, how long you’ve been active as a fitness model and influencer ?

Pooja : I am a civil engineer by education, a fitness influencer and transformation specialist by profession. After completing my BE degree I understood my love for fitness and educated myself on fitness. And started competing as well as a bikini athlete. It’s been 5-6 years.

What’s been your inspiration for getting into fitness ?

Pooja : Well, I always wanted to change myself, but my inspiration was my critics and naysayer who said I can’t do it.

Did you have an athletic background ?

Pooja : Well, I used to compete as a bikini athlete. I also got the title Miss bengaluru, Miss south India fitness, Miss bengaluru beauty.

What about being strong means to you ?

Being strong isn’t about lifting heavier weights than anyone, but for me it’s about getting back when there are so many setbacks, being consistent and overcoming the hurdle of laziness is about being strong for me.” Pooja Shared with Fitnglam Magazine.

What does your training and diet look like in the current season ?

Pooja : Well for me it’s always about sustainability and my diet was never like exotic diets which most of the people follow. I love my ghar ka khana and honestly I didn’t face any issues as it’s just  easily available local, seasonal food. And I always say this that your workout shouldn’t be limited to the gym, it should be anywhere anytime not limited to any situation. So basically I am doing no equipment workout routine. We always tell to our clients that workout should make you happy it shouldn’t be a burden it should be fun.

What supplements are you currently taking ?

Pooja : One supplement that’s always with me is whey protein.

What is your favourite cheat Meal ?

Pooja : Cheat Meal well I have a big list, but my most favorite is gulab jamun.

When you’re on holiday at the beach, do you find yourself, like a chef going out for a meal, sizing everyone else up, finding faults, looking for tips, etc?

Pooja : Well when I travel I just try to find the local foods which are either already healthy so that I can try or how I can make local food healthy. I usually look for that.

If you could only take 3 items on a desert island what would they be ?

Pooja : Gulabjamun, balushai, and cakes

Tell us about your partner ? How you guys are making a mark in fitness industry. 

Pooja : Well we have been together for quite long almost a decade, we were in the same school and the same college. Actually he motivated me a lot. He is Mr bengaluru, Mr south india also he has Limca book of record holder for maximum push ups in a minute and we both love fitness. We started a fitness journey together. We are known as a fit couple and we motivate each other. We believe that more and more couples should workout together this helps in good bonding as well.

Name one secret that people dont know about you ?

Pooja : Oppss! have record of eating 20 ice creams at a time.

Is it possible to make a living from fitness modelling?

Pooja : Well I am a fitness influencer and Entrepreneur. I believe you can make a living by anything you love.

What are your long term goals ?

Pooja : Our main goal is to make fitness easy, accessible, affordable for everyone that’s what we are trying through Fit.one.

What are the three tips would you like to give to any woman wanting to get into fitness modelling ?

Pooja : Do because you love it actually don’t follow the trend.

Be consistent, don’t expect magic.

Be patient and understand it’s not about putting some pictures. There is lot beyond.

Where people can follow you? 

They can find me on instagram Pooja_flabtofab ,

Training account : Wefitone

Gaurabh’s account: Gaurabhchakraborty


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