Exclusive Interview : Jessica Koston, Bikini Athlete & Lifestyle Coach

Read our exclusive interview with Fitness Fanatic , Bikini Model and Lifestyle Coach Jessica Koston.

1. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself – background, profession, how long you’ve been competing for ?
Jessica : Of course! I am 34 years old, a current Bank Manager, Partner at Fit Plus, Founder of JLKFIT and NPC Bikini Competitor. I started my journey with fitness in 2009/2010 and have not looked back since.

2. What’s been your inspiration for getting into bikini fitness competitions ?
Jessica : A few come to mind when I think about how I got started. Jamie Eason, Lindsay Messina and Amanda Adams, those are probably my 3 top inspirations.

3. Did you have an athletic background ?
Jessica : I was always into sports.  Growing up I played soccer, ran track and was a cheerleader.

4. You’re a Bikini competitor. How does this differ from the other classes like Physique or Fitness ?  
Jessica : Bikini is such a tough division.  The criteria are different from physique /fitness divisions in that we don’t require as much muscle mass.  Bikini is about shape, conditioning (without any striations and deep deeplines) Skin tone, overall presentation and posing.

5. What about being strong makes you feel sexy ? 
Jessica : Being strong is sexy! (in my opinion of course)

6. In bodybuilding, it’s all about size, shred and symmetry. How do you (so successfully) stand out from your competitors during competition ? 
Jessica : For the bikini division I believe I have great stage presence.  I love to be up there and it shows.  From the moment you walk out on stage you need to capture the judge’s attention.  So you better believe my walk is always a strong point.

7. What does your training and diet look like in the off season ? 
Jessica : Off season I do still eat rather clean. 5-6 meals a day.  I just enjoy clean food.  However on the weekends I will splurge a little and maybe have some prosecco Training I typically will train 3 days on 1 off if I am not preparing for a competition.

8. What suplements are you currently taking ? 
Jessica : EvogenNutrition. I was lucky enough to become an athlete with Evogen and I just love love love their line!!! Lipocide IR Sour Watermelon is my favorite.

9. What is your favourite cheat Meal ?
Jessica : TACOS! For sure!! And ice cream.

10. When you’re on holiday at the beach, do you find yourself, like a chef going out for a meal, sizing everyone else up, finding faults, looking for tips, etc?  
Jessica : haha no I don’t.  I just do my own thing, enjoy myself here and there.

11. If you could only take 3 items on a desert island what would they be ?
Jessica : Water, Mascara, Music (this is tough).

12. If you type ‘female gym motivation’ into YouTube, the results are tantamount to softcore pornography. How do you react to people who see this sport as a glorified peep show ?
Jessica : I stay in my own lane.  People are going to do what they want to do. They are building their own brand. I do not want to be known as that type of fitness professional. Hey… to each their own. I prefer to showcase myself in a respectable way.

13. Name one secret that people dont know about you ?
Jessica : I mean i am sure some people know these things about me but :  I met Justin Timberlake in 1999,  I have a twin sister, and I was born at 2lbs.

14. Is it possible to make a living from bikini modelling ?
Jessica : Of course.

15. Who do you look upto in the fitness Industry and why ? 
Jessica : So many people. To name a few: My incredible bf Jack Sullivan, Lindsay Messina, Carla Garthwaite, Jamie Eason, The NPC as a whole and the Evogen Nutrition team.

16. What are your long term goals in this sport ? 
Jessica : To become an IFBB Pro. I would also like to get into judging.  That would be my ultimate goal.

17. What are the three tips would you like to give to any woman wanting to get a feminine , cut and jacked physique like yours ?
Jessica : Don’t give up! Have Patience.  It wont be easy, but it will be worth it.

18. Where people can follow you?   Jessica : JLKFIT on IG is the best place to reach me.  JLKFIT.COM is my website.

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