Exclusive Interview : Alankrita Sahai, Model, Actress and Global Indian Icon

Power Change Maker Alankrita Sahai,  the Indian model-turned-actor and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned as Miss India Earth 2014. She is the first Indian to win 7 titles at the Miss Earth pageant held in the Philippines.

Read her Exclusive Interview with Fitnglam Magazine Editorial Team.

1. Skin care regime ?

Alankrita : Cleanse ,tone ,moisturise and drink a lot of water and love my Vitamin C . I definitely use home made face packs along with some really good products  sourced from  different brands depending on the seasonal change . Sun screen is a must .

2. Hair styling tips ? 

Alankrita : Wash and tie for curls, leave overnight , In case of a bad hair day use dry shampoo and blow dry it or tie a Hepburn bun.

Use nice hair clips to style your partitions

Straighteners come in handy for Curls and for  poker straight Look

3. First Infatuation ?

Alankrita : Ryan Reynolds

4. “You” in one word ?

Alankrita : Lethal

5. Your fitness mantra ?

Alankrita : Sometimes an inner trigger or sometimes an outer circumstance may unhinge us, so it’s important to have discipline which means each day you invest in a certain routine to remain in balance . As for me fitness is balance mentally emotionally and physically

6. Favourite fragrance/Perfume ? 

Alankrita : Prada candy ,Gucci Flora

Fashion tip for female readers ?
Stay classy ,comfort is a must and don’t overdo it . It’s important to understand your body and experiment too, Said , Alankrita.

8. The biggest “pinch me” moment ?

Alankrita : When I won 7 Titles for India internationally becoming the first ever indian to win internationally at a beauty pageant till date .

9. Favourite song ? 

Alankrita : Thousand years by Christina Perri.

10. Favourite Quote ? 

Alankrita : Attract what you expect
Reflect what you desire
Become what you respect
And mirror what you admire.

But for the moment Stay Home and Stay Safe .

11. Most precious thing in your wardrobe ?

Alankrita : Mirror lol

12. Favourite shopping place ? 

Alankrita : Dubai , Italy , Mumbai /Delhi

13. Where does your style savvy come from, and where do you get your inspiration ?

Alankrita : Well I developed it over time with experimenting with myself ,I have this knack for clothes so it’s alike a natural flair ,but I really like Gigi hadid today and I loved Audrey Hepburn.

14. The last thing you googled ?

Alankrita : Covid 19 and the news, story of our lives .

15. One thing you always travel with ?

Alankrita : Patience and expectations of the best .

16. If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do ?

Alankrita : Become an undercover agent I have a list of few people to deal with . LoL

17. What are your future plans ? 

Alankrita : To survive this pandemic to begin with and get back to work, become a philanthropist, continue being a part of the Tedx family and travel the world so that I could help ,Motivate and change lives , marry the Man I love  and have a lovely family too .

18. Social connects, where people can find you ?

Instagram : ladykrita

Facebook : Alankrita Sahai

Twitter : sahai _alankrita


Image Credits : Devang Patel


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