Exclusive Interview : Aditi Mistry, Fitness Fanatic and Girl On The Rise

Aditi Mistry was born on 26 July 2000 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Aditi Mistry is a famous Instagram Super model. Her age is (as in 2020) is “19 Years Old“.

In her recent interview with Fitnglam Magazine , she shares about her fitness , diets , motivation and much more.

1) Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself – background, profession, how long you’ve been active as a fitness model ?

Aditi : Well I belong to middle class family! And I started my career as a fitness trainer at the age of 17! And right now my profession is doing Fitness modelling! And I’m a bikini model as well! And I have been into fitness modelling from past 2 years. And I am also looking forward to working in music albums as well.

2) What’s been your inspiration for getting into fitness ?

Aditi : My inspiration to get into fitness is a fitness model with a great body @michellelewin. I used to watch her alot on YouTube. I have learnt alot of things after seeing her. So now I am! Also I got many other inspirations as well! And I always learn something new from them.

3) Did you have an athletic background ?

Aditi : No I don’t have any athletic background.

4) What about being strong means to you ?

Aditi : For me being strong is all about positive mindset, have patience, never give up! and have potential to do anything for yourself.

5) What does your training and diet look like in the current season?

Well I’m a non-vegetarian. And I try to consume 150 to 170gm of protein Everyday. Including protein powder too! And about my training I train my body 6 times a week. 3 Times a week I do train my lower body with heavy weights! And 3 times a week I do train my upper body! 365 day.

6) What suplements are you currently taking ?

Aditi : Currently I am taking only protein powders by healthfarmnutrition.com.

7) What is your favourite cheat Meal ?

Aditi : My favourite cheat meals are Pizzas and Burgers!

8) If you could only take 3 items on a desert island what would they be ?

Aditi : Well, I would take a knife , cellphone and a badsheet at a dessert Island!

9) Name one secret that people dont know about you ?

Aditi : My secret, I used to stole a lot of childrens stuff at school in my childhood!

10) Is it possible to make a living from fitness modelling ?

Aditi : For me! Definitely! Because I choose fitness life! So fitness is my Lifestyle.

11) Who do you look upto in the fitness Industry and why ?

Aditi : Since childhood I was into sports, I was an athlete! Till my 14th! Nd so i was very much interesting into fitness and a fitness industry! I see so many fitness enthusiast, atheletes with so much of potential , hardwork , goals in their life! Which makes me feel really something too bee! That is why I’m into fitness industry. Fitness is my childhood love!

12) What are your long term goals ?

Aditi : Well, I will continue doing my profession for 10 to 15 years more. And though I haven’t thought about long term goals yet!

13) What are the three tips would you like to give to any woman wanting to get into fitness modelling ?

Aditi : Well, first tip I’ll give is to never be ashamed to show your fitness! Second, believe in yourself! And third, is never give up on your goals!

14) Where people can follow you ?  

Aditi : Well so currently I am only on instagram so people can follow me there! Instagram I’d – @aditimistry2607

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