Featuring Dr . Roy C. J, Founder & Chairman , Confident Group


Exclusive Interview 

1. How Confident Group came into existence (Idea)? 
The Idea of Confident Group came up in the Year 2005. We are Now Completing Glorious 14 Years of our Successful Operations. I was a Partner in a Real Estate Company till 2005. We Partners Decided to Separated Joyfully and Become Independent and that was when I hit upon the Idea of Confident Group. I Say we Separated Joyfully the previous Partnership, we Split Peacefully and without any Sort of Frictions or Issues which is not commonly associated with Splits in Partnership. Even today my Ex-Partner in the Previous Business is my Closest Friend even Though we are Competitors in the Market Place. We showed the World how Partnerships can be Separated without any issues. 
I had a very In-depth knowledge of Real Estate and it’s Fine Business Practices since I was Previously instrumental in Operating one of the Fastest Growing Real Estate Company as it’s Joint Managing Director before giving Birth to “Confident Group”. So it was Easier for me to Setup Confident Group with my Previous Experience in the same Business line. 

2. Tell us Something about Your Childhood Memories?
I was Born into a First Time Entrepreneur Family. My Dad was the First Entrepreneur in his Family and I used to Dream about Setting up my Own Business including my Own Manufacturing Ventures. When my Brothers and other Children in the Neighborhood used to Play during their Free time I used to Sit and Dream and make Concoctions to make Daily Wear Slippers, Talcum Powder, Soaps and Daily Cloth Whiteners. So my Business Inclinations and Dreams started as Young as when I was 10 years Old. 

3. Could you Elaborate How much Experience helps in Building Business?. 
Experience Builds “Core Competence” into You. For a Successful Business and also to make a Successful Businessman you need to have “Core Competence” in your Chosen Business. Experience is One part of it but I would say Effective Experience is More important in Shaping Up and creating a Well Processed Driven Organization. 
Today the major Business we are into is Real Estate Construction and Selling Business which has multiple layers of Evolution to happen to become the Best practices Industry. My Working with Multinational Companies gave me the Experience and Knowledge to Create Newer process in Real Estate industry which in turn Helped Confident Group to become one of the Finest Real Estate Player in Karnataka, Kerala and Dubai Markets. 


4. What Inspired you to be an Entrepreneur?
The Organizations which I worked in gave me an Huge Inspiration to be an Entrepreneur. Two of the Companies I worked in were setup by First Time Entrepreneurs. Firstly, Hewlett Packard, the World’s most acknowledged Computer and Printer brand was Started by 2 First time Entrepreneurs Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard back in USA they started HP from a Garage in Pala Alto, USA and the Other Company I worked was BPL which was started by JPG Nambiar who was also a First time Entrepreneur. BPL at it’s peak was the Numeruno in Televisions in India and the best brand. I had read in-depth the Lifetime Stories of these Entrepreneurs which gave me a Huge Inspiration to start on my Own. 

5. What made you move your Base to Dubai?
Dubai is the World Capital for Creativity in Real Estate Construction. Dubai has seen the Biggest boom in Real estate in the last 2 decades compared to any other Locations in the World. The Tall Scrapers you find in Dubai is the Most uniquely designed and Built to utterly Superb standards. Where else would you want to be if you are a Serious Real Estate player other than Dubai? Dubai is Epicenter for Real Estate Development like Milan for Fashion. The other Factors were the Ease of Doing Business, Zero Income Tax and also the Endless possibilities in Real estate Business. The Proximity to South India also mattered Since Dubia is just a 3 hours of Air travel from Bangalore.

6. Who is Your Role Model and Why?
I do not have any One time Role Model. My Role Model keeps Changing every year and one of the Best Entrepreneur for that Year has been my Role Model. I have a Unique technique to bench mark a Businessman and Business closer to my Location who is Slightly Bigger than my Busines. I Fix a Target and Goal to Over take that Particular Businessman in a Ethical way and once I do that I take up the next Role Model in my mind and do the same attitude and approach to Overtake and keep setting up Newer Role Models and HIgher & Higher Goals. So my approach to Roe Models is One Step at a Time.  For me a Person or a Company is worth to be my Role Model only if can Emulate his Success story and over take him rather than Keep somebody too high to myself and Not able to Emulate or over Take him or her. 

7. Tell us More About Confident Group ?
Confident Group is a 14 Year Old Conglomerate with Interests in Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Education, Health Care, Airlines, International Building Material Trade, Exotic Perfumery and other Businesses. With Strong Operations in Dubai, Karnataka and Kerala. 
As of Today Confident Group Has Handed over or in the Process of Execution over 150 Real Estate Projects which includes a Premium 5 Star Golf Course in Bangalore which is Spread over 300 Acres of Commercially converted Land and an Investment of USD 500 Million Dollars which is approximate Rs. 3500 Crores. The Group has availed Zero Loans on it’s Real Estate Projects or Golf Course which makes the Group as a Unique Player in the Market. Confident Group is also Producing the Highest Budget Mr Mohan Lal Movie which is made with a Budget of close to Rs 100 Crores and will me released in 5 Languages. The Group has a Huge Spread of Businesses and Ventures under it’s Wing. I am very proud to Say that I was lucky to be the Founder & Chairman of the Group. 

8. What Advice would you give to new entrepreneurs and youngsters who look upon you as a Role Model. 
As I said Earlier the Youngsters should Choose a Role Model from their Chosen Field of Business. For Example somebody wants to be a Hotelier Entrepreneur he has to Keep for example Mr Oberoi as his Role model rather than keeping Mr Bills Gates as his Role Model. You should also Choose somebody whom You can Emulate and recreate similar Magic in Business. I would strongly recommend them to keep a Role Model who is easily understandable and emulateable rather than having a very High Role Model whom they can never understand or emulate. You need to Set a High Goal for your Long term but keep setting smaller Goals for smaller time frame, achieve the smaller ones consistently and then aim for the High Goals and also do not Set a very High Goal and Keep day Dreaming. My Strongest Advice to New Entrepreneurs and Youngsters is take a Step every day towards your Goal rather than trying for a Single time Leap to the Goal.

9. How do you see business evolve in present scenario and how do you see current challenges and opportunities.     
India and Dubai are Hugely Growing Markets and coming to terms with Newer Business Environment like RERA in Real Estate, GST in Taxation in India and VAT in Dubai. Being New Rules & Laws gives you Newer Opportunities and also Newer Challenges. The Success Lies in taking these Challenges and Converting them into your Opportunities. In Today’s World SWOT analysis is the most relevant since Your SWOT situations Changes by Short Time Lines which are the Fastest compared to the Past years of Business in this World. so Keep making your SWOT Adjustments and Keep travelling in your Business Process and I am Sure the Success would come Faster than you Think. Also as the old Saying: “Keep Trying doing your Best till you Achieve that Best for which you were trying the Best!”. The World has become a Seamless Marke,t a Paradigm shift from your Silos Market of the Past. So your Challenges and Rewards could come from anywhere in the World, irrespective of where your Business is Located. So be Agile and have a Strong Team to convert Challenges into Opportunities & Business for your Company. 


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