A Fitness Enthusiast, trying to make Fitness Industry a better place

And when He jumped into fitness industry, He realized that things are really messed up at ground levels.

Let me introduce to him. Rajdeep Khaira, an Ace Certified Fitness Professional, who belongs from Ludhiana, a growing name on social media, has cleared his Fitness Studies in 2016. He was really happy that he is going to be a part of this industry. Now, He had to take a decision whether to work with his brother in his own gym or with any organization. Got many opportunities from gyms in Ludhiana and outside cities as well, He decided to work in Ludhiana only. And He started his carrier.

Things were not that smooth. As a Fitness Professional, He realized that there are many misconceptions in people regarding workouts, diets, trainers and many other things. One by one, tried to solve them and people started knowing him as a very positive personality. Within few months only of his training carrier, He achieved many things. Couple of them were training Mehak Nanda, who had to participate in Mrs. India, and she joined Rajdeep just two months before competition. And she grabbed the title. Training Mohik Bansal, a 20 years old student, from fat to 6 packs in just 5 months without supplementation (like fat burners) and all. All of those incidents, attracted people towards Rajdeep. But soon, He realized that He won’t be able to change much like this and this would be limited to only one gym and its members.

Once, while sitting with his friend and discussing things, they came up with this idea to spread awareness online to people without charging anything. The concept was named as “Fit Desh – Transforming India”. They started working on it and in matter of days, Fit Desh was in work through a Facebook Group. People started joining it and started asking things and they started getting answers without any charges, and chain begun. People started adding each other and in couple of months, Fit Desh had members in thousand. And He was happy now as his approach went from few to thousands. In all this, He got this training of famous Punjabi singer, Prabh Gill. Which he couldn’t continue for long as his future plans for Fit Desh and serving the community started making him too busy in it. He decided to leave his job and focus fully on this dream project.

Within few months, it became a big name in Ludhiana and many other cities of Punjab. Now Team Fit Desh, started delivering seminars on Health & Nutrition, common mistakes in workout, How to correct your lifestyle and many other things from Ludhiana to Mumbai as well. From gyms to colleges, people started getting connected with them. He and his team also launched an online training portal for people, who wanted to take one on one training tips from him and his team which is www.fitdesh.com

After doing all this, problems were not fully solved. Evaluated why, reason was still the same, the ground level. Who comes at the ground level? Trainers. Now, a big challenge was in front of Him and his team, “How to deal with this?” Because you can’t walk into any gym and tell the trainer there that you are wrong or this must be corrected. One of the problem was that Doctors were started thinking that Trainers know nothing and they mislead people. While talking to a Doctor on this thing, He came to know that sometimes, Trainer try to help his or her trainee by going out of his scope of practice. Here was the problem. Because, whenever there is help required of a specialist like physiotherapist, doctor or any other, Trainer try to solve this at his end only to show that He or She or very knowledgeable or because of some ego issues. He thought that he found the root. Because referrals are as important as study. For example, few things are there which a Trainer knows, but not allowed to do with his or her clients. Like they can’t give diet charts to a client if they are not a dietician. Same as in a doctor knows things about exercise, but they don’t provide workout charts.

On the place of telling people, where they are wrong, He decided to change his way by telling people what is the right way. This was the main reason, He and his friend Tamandeep Nagpal decided to launch a fitness academy, in which they ll be teaching people who want to be a part of growing fitness industry that what are the right ways, what are the duties of a fitness professional and what are the limitations. This was the vision behind that he started teaching fitness studies with Team Forever Fitness Academy. Where, their focus is on teaching how referrals are also important to grow in fitness industry. Which also became a success in a really short time.

Keen towards helping people in every possible way, Rajdeep and his Team is continuously seeking for young and talented people, whom they can make part of their team.

Now a days, Rajdeep Khaira has become a solid name in Fitness Industry. With a really busy schedule whole day, He tries his best to help others in achieving their dreams, not in fitness industry, in other areas of their lives as well. Dream of this young Fitness enthusiast is to make a place for street dogs and other animals, which are suffering because of us (Human Beings), where He wants to serve them as well with food and by providing them with enjoyment activities. He thinks that we Humans can help each other easily, but they can’t. But if we as Human Beings can’t help each other, how can we expect this world to be a better place.

With this thought process, he is running with speed towards his dream and goals to be the one who actually made changes to make it better.

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